Our services are based on nature-inspired solutions and our mindset and conduct are attributable to two of nature’s key elements.

Mode of evolutionary process and principles of Green Economy

The first one is shaped by the aim and mode of action of the evolutionary process, which puts the continuous adaptation at the forefront of the ongoing process of advancement. The second key element comprises the principles of the Green Economy.

Evolution: without a business plan still successful

Evolution does not follow a particular business plan with clearly defined goals. For example, it was not part of a grand scheme 400 million years ago, that fish would leave the sea to colonize the land and then, after 360 million years of trial and error, would return and recapture the seas once again as highly intelligent and social mammals.

Equally, when it was first discovered in the middle of the 19th century that electric current could be put to good use, a business plan for the electric vehicle now also known as tablet on wheels did not exist already. Or who would have thought then, that a beverage containing taurine, given to Japanese pilots during World War II, would end up taking the world by storm known as the energy drink that gives you wings.

Success based on interlinkage, combination and specialization

Being successful is not synonymous with the survival of the fittest or with outpacing the competition by all means available. Instead, success can be based on the mode of action of the evolutionary process. Transferred to the optimized use of natural resources, this means:

  • performance and efficiency through specialization and by including expert knowledge;
  • interlinking companies and exploiting synergies through coadaptation, such as with industrial clusters;
  • developing complex new products by combining existing products and technologies.

As a result, self-organization and with it resilience, meaning the ability to adapt and become more robust is increased.

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