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ElectriCChain - Solar Energy and Development of Blockchain standards

Magnefico participates and supports through clients ElectriCChain. The ElectriCChain is an open solar energy generation data project with an initial focus on verifying and publishing data from the existing 7 million solar energy generators globally and on an open Blockchain for Academic use and Human progress. The ElectriCChain project supports the development of open standards and tools to publish and read solar electricity generation data using the SolarCoin BlockChain and/or other Blockchain technologies including the Ethereum and IOTA/Tangle.

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Bioinspired Innovation - SHIFT Zurich: Summit 2018 August 23rd to 25th, 2018 in Zurich/Switzerland

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The 4th SHIFT Zurich Summit - Guiding Theme "Self-organizing System"

Our first SHIFT Zurich Summit was in 2012. Since then, it emerged as the leading platform for nature-inspired innovation. The SHIFT Summit addresses impact investors, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world, passionate to implement resilient strategies and solutions informed by nature.

Soon we will announce the detailed program. Our guiding theme is "Self-organizing Systems". We will elaborate on topics directly affecting our every day lives such as mobility, logistics and materials. Self-organization exists on various levels. All levels have in common that they lack an explicit and central control. The control and organization is realized through intrinsic elements, such as interaction between components (IoT), embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms. 

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Stäubli Group and Power-Blox - a strategic partner for scalable and intelligent energy storage solutions

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(f.l.t.r.) Matthias Mack, Global Manager PV Stäubli; Franco Delvecchio, CEO Stäubli; Alain Schilli, Business Angel & COO Power-Blox until 2017; Alessandro Medici, CEO Power-Blox

Stäubli and Power-Blox partner to offer scalable and intelligent energy storage solutions 

Stäubli Electrical Connectors (formerly Multi-Contact), the pioneer and global market leader in electrical connectors for Photovoltaic solutions, and Power-Blox the award-winning Swiss start-up enter into a strategic partnership for innovative energy storage solutions. Stäubli takes over the international distribution and production. Power-Blox focuses in future on R&D.

Power-Blox is the first modular solar energy system, which offers alternating current up to the megawatt range based on swarm technology. This concept allows for a completely mobile supply and functions as a portable outlet. A Power Blox is like a lego units. Simple to install, simple to manage.

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More topics: Climate investments and rare earth elements

Evaluation Report on Effectiveness 2014 - Swiss International Cooperation in Climate Change 2000–2012
Swiss development cooperation has been heavily engaged in interventions mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and improving the resilience and adaptation capacities of the affected populations in our partner countries. The purpose of this report is to assess whether and in what way these interventions have achieved the expected results.


Report on tracking environmental impacts in global product chains - Rare Earth Metals and other critical metals in the cleantech industry
Metals form a central part of the global economy, but their extraction and supply are linked to several environmental and social concerns. This study aims to create a picture of the supply chain of Rare Earth Metals (REMs) and other critical metals used in the clean technology (cleantech) sectors of electric vehicles and solar panels.


Additional reading materials

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