Project examples and references

Examples of previous mandates:

  • Project management for commercial prototype development in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics; for a company in Switzerland.

  • Implementation support: Analyzing the feasibility of the business model and the implementation plan for water purification facilities (utilizing renewable energy sources) in emerging and developing countries; for a Swiss company.

  • Developing the business model and initiating the operational implementation of a product platform for renewable energies and energy efficiency in Latin America and Europe: for an international consortium of companies.

  • Accompanying the strategic and operational implementation as a senior advisor for a natural resource project in the Indo-Pacific region; for a Finnish company.

  • Management ad interim: COO and head of business development for a software company in Switzerland.
  • Developing the foundation for the strategy and the implementation plan for a global industrial program in the field of resource efficiency and cleaner production; for a UN organization.

  • Founding and establishing an international initiative for nature-based solutions situated in California and Switzerland.

  • Evaluation: heading an international consortium and collaborating in issuing a progress report on climate-related investments for the attention of the Swiss Parliament; for a Finnish company.

  • Analyzing business plans and business models of various clean-tech companies; for a Swiss financial institution and as a juror for a Later Stage Award of a joint Swiss-American foundation.

What clients and partners say about us

«Mr. Schilli of Magnefico did an outstanding job managing various projects and preparing a sound analysis of complex business processes. With his entrepreneurial, target-oriented and cost-efficient approach, he added great value for our clients.»

Daniel Isler, CEO Fargate AG

«Mr. Schilli successfully contributed to the activities of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs on eco‑industrial clusters and carbon finance targeting SECO's priority countries. His result-oriented approach in combination with his corporate responsibility expertise was a true asset.»
Stefan Denzler, Senior Advisor World Bank 

«Magnefico brought excellent sustainability expertise and an international network to us. It added value in developing business models and innovative solutions for renewable energy.»
Daniel Magallon, Managing Director BASE Foundation

«Alain Schilli is a Senior Advisor to Gaia, and works within the Gaia team on a project which focuses on an environmental impact assessment of a mining activity in Madagascar. Alain brings significant value to the Gaia team with his impact assessment and project management skills and with his experience in working in a developing country environment.»
Tiina Pursula, Business Director Gaia Consulting Oy

«Mr. Schilli added significant value with his strong assessment and strategic skills. He successfully performed the evaluation of Swiss Development Cooperation's Global Climate program on brick kiln production EELA targeting 9 Latin American countries.»

Jean-Bernard Dubois, Head of SDC's Global Climate Program

«With Magnefico, Mr. Schilli brings along an exceptional wealth of experience when it comes to combining business development with emerging megatrends such as sustainable business models. As a visionary of nature-inspired innovation, he contributed significantly in adding value to our investment and operation activities.»

Lina Constantinovici, Managing Partner Start-up Nectar

«Mr. Schilli has enriched our efforts on numerous occasions with his expertise, experience and goal-oriented approach. He successfully introduced us to innovative technologies for resource efficiency and identified tangible international project opportunities along with possible implementation partners.»

Sabine Nowak, Partner Five Elements Capital Ltd