Alain Schilli

Picture of Alain Schilli, founder and managing partner of Magnefico



Founder & Managing Partner, Magnefico LLC

My Expertise:

  • Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency
  • Energy system and digital solutions (IOT, DLT);
  • Carbon Management and Finance;
  • Digitalisation, Circular Economy and ESG;
  • Business Development Cleantech (CH/abroad);
  • Business Coaching and Management ad interim. 


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Associate Partners

Sebnem Rusitschka
Freeelio GmbH, CEO

Expertise: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchains; Digital Automation and intelligent Energy Systems; P2P Computing; Machine Learning.

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Jürgen Schlichting
SBC International GmbH, CEO

Expertise: Management
Support for Establishment of Subsidies, Market Development and M&A (CH/abroad); Strategy and Implementation; Coaching. 

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Christian Häuselmann
GCCA, Chairman 

Open Collaboration, Innovation Management, International Cleantech Business Development, Fintech and Venturing.

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Scott Harder
Environmental Financial Group
SF and Palm Beach, CEO

Expertise: Project Finance; M&A; Water & Energy Infrastructure Sustainability and Resilience
AI and Machine Learning;
Data analytics

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Daniel Magallon
BASE Energy, CEO

Expertise: Development Financing Mechanism; Debt/Equity Finance; Business Models, Engineering & Implementation of sustainable Energy Technologies.

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Sabine Nowak
Five Elements Capital AG, CEO

Expertise: Internationale Project Finance;
Capital Strategy & Private Equity; CleanEnergy and Waste2Value Project Development.

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Daniel Isler
Fargate AG, Founder & CEO

Expertise: International
Business Development;
Change Management;
ICT and Internet;
Digital Marketing.

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