Nature-based solutions

Biodiversity serves many vital purposes on our planet and also generates economic value. It provides crucial environmental services worth billions of dollars, for example through pollination in agriculture. In addition, the economy can gain valuable insight into designs, structures and forms of organization and resilience.

Nature as a Treasure Trove: Materials, Principles and Algorithm 

Over the course of almost 4 billion years, evolution has developed effective adaptation strategies and proven solution approaches, which also reveal possible ways to tackle and solve the big challenges of modern societies. Nature can be viewed as a large treasure chest full of innovation – a valuable source worth protecting. 

Biomimetic: Sustainable Design and Energy Efficiency

Designs, products and systems that are based on nature’s principles are leaders in their respective industries in terms of innovation, resource efficiency and sustainability. Nature-based innovation, also known as biomimetics, bionics or biomimicry, demonstrates this in various fields with multiple outstanding examples, such as with high-speed trains, photovoltaics, cooling systems, architectural designs, urban planning and material and textile technology.Terrapin Bright Green Study: Tapping into Nature - The Future of Energy, Innovation and Business

Bioinspiration: Disruptive Innovation with economic Potential

Whether it is understood as an approach to producing sustainable products or a complete transformation of the way that humans view and interact with nature, Biomimicry has the potential to be a key driver of economic growth and the transition into a more energy and resource efficient economy. According to a Bioinspiration Progress Report 2013 by PLNU (San Diego), this rapidly evolving sector could account by 2030 for USD 425 billion in US GDP and globally USD 1.6 trillion total output in GDP. 

Bioinspiration and DaVinci Index Progress Report, PLNU 2013