Solar Power meets Blockchain.

With SolarCoin – free of charge access.

Graphic depicts on the left a solar pv plant and on the right a gold mint sympolizing the blockchain based digital currency.

Dear PV owner - We help you to get access to SolarCoin.

If you own a solar power plant or plan do implement such an asset, consider SolarCoin. You can potentially generate additional income or improve the cost structure of your solar power plant.

Read the article in Zurcher Wirtschaft (in German).

If you are interested contact us. 

For access to SolarCoin your plant can be located globally – Switzerland, Africa, Latin America, all is fine.

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You are an entrepreneur, investor or a donor and want to realize the potential of digital, Blockchain based business Models.
Blockchain is a young technology. With speed it makes great progress. Accordingly, the market and regulation is dynamic. We can help you – strategically, conceptually and with the implementation.

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