Impact investment –
Scaling up and trust through Digital Energy Asset

Zeigt den gelben Schriftzug der Firma Freeelio
Symbolisiert ein Energienetz mit einer Nachtaufnahme einer Stadt.

Sharing the vision of monetizing energy data Magnefico collectively works together with a group of people driven by purpose. Lead by and with the network of ElectriCChain we want to bridge the financial gap for climate actions. For that purpose we create an energy data-driven funding platform.

Our aim is to pool solar energy and energy efficiency projects worldwide. Standardized Digital Energy Asset bridges to the physical assets. The pooling generates a diversification and consequently derisking. Trust and impact performance monitoring is assured with automated and transparent settlement of energy and financial flows

The ElectriCChain project supports the development of open standards and tools to publish and read solar electricity generation data using the SolarCoin BlockChain and/or other Blockchain.



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